Running A note to our existing members.

To our existing members,

Thank you for your support and your passion for language over the years! We are excited to be joining the Rosetta Stone® family, which will allow our Playful Immersion™ method to grow and develop, while simultaneously taking advantage of the wide variety of exciting technologies and products that Rosetta Stone has to offer. While we apologize for the fact that the current GoGoLingo site will no longer be accessible, we hope you’ll continue to watch for exciting new products from Rosetta Stone in the future, products which combine the safe, fun, and adaptive environment of GoGoLingo with the powerful immersion methods of Rosetta Stone to give you and your child the very best experience for language learning.

Thank you again for your support, and we hope you’ll continue to help us – and Rosetta Stone – make the world a better place through language learning in the future.

~ the GoGoLingo family

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